March 30, 2008

Portrait of a Survivor: Faith, Family and Friends Inspire Cindy Grimes to Embrace Life and Serve Others

“I don't wait for the storm to pass, I learned to dance in the rain.” This signature phrase appears below all Cindy Grimes’ e-mail messages. To hear her story and meet this upbeat woman, you’re convinced she’s survived several category 5 hurricanes. Still, she manages to dance and sing in the rain.

Together with her husband Mike, Cindy is the victim/survivor of a 1970 drunk driving crash in Tyler, Texas. Their five-day-old baby and Cindy’s mother burned to death in the crash. The hot windshield melted into Cindy’s scalp, so she wears a wig. Her older brother Jim pulled her from the car, but she endured six months in ICU, skin grafts, endless physical therapy and permanent disabilities.

Despite her pain and loss, Cindy has accomplished more in the last 37 years than many people do in a lifetime.

Read all of Cindy's story.

Learn more about MADD's Victims Services.

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