March 30, 2008

Man Arrested for Drunk Driving Twice in Same Week

The 48-year-old Washington state man had a blood alcohol level of more than four times the legal limit when he was stopped the second time. Read the entire story from the Kitsap Sun.

Ignition interlocks could have prevented him from driving.
  • Studies have shown alcohol ignition interlocks are up to 90 percent effective in keeping both first-time and repeat offenders from recommitting the crime
  • Alcohol ignition interlocks have the potential to save more than 4,000 lives now lost in repeat drunk driving crashes annually.
  • The public strongly supports their use – with 65 percent of people in favor of requiring alcohol ignition interlocks in the vehicles of first-time offenders. Even 82 percent of offenders believe that interlocks are effective and fair

Contact your local lawmakers and let them know you support ignition interlock for all convicted drunk drivers.

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