March 13, 2008

A College Student Honors His Mother’s Legacy Through Campus Leadership

Over spring break, 21-year-old Ryan Pitts is skiing in Utah. Ryan, a junior at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, is determined to make the most of the trip, despite the foot he broke last week.

Determination is nothing new to this student leader. He has overcome significant learning disabilities in his quest for a political science and psychology degree. Now he’s also focused on honoring his mother.

As a high school senior, Ryan was asked to give a speech about his hero. His choice was easy – his mom. Far from easy, however, was grappling with her death a week later. On a Friday night in June 2004, a drunk driver slammed into the family car at 90 mph. The 32-year-old offender had been drinking for eight hours prior to the crash and had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .28. The legal limit is .08.

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