April 5, 2011

It's time for Legislatures to act

It's "Public Policy season" across the country as most legislatures are in session. We've had some limited success this "season" and as a result, lives will be saved, injuries prevented and many will have to "blow before they go"!

Tomorrow, the Oklahoma House Appropriations & Budget Committee will hold a hearing at 4:00 PM on The Erin Swezey Act. If you live in Oklahoma, please call or email your elected officials and ask them to support this bill to require ignition interlocks on all convicted offenders cars. The bill also has a provision for an endorsement on the driver's license that would indicate they are convicted DUI offenders.

Erin Elizabeth Swezey was killed by a drunk driver on April 4, 2009. Just two short years ago (which probably feels like an eternity to her family and friends), Erin was living a great, full life. Two weeks before her death she penned these words in her journal:

My Message to the World
Sharing my Peace,
my Creator,
my Sustainer,
my Protector,
so that everyone may know the
happiness that comes from a
life lived under Christ

A beautiful young woman taken from her family way too young.

I hope that the Oklahoma legislature will pass this bill in honor of Erin's life. Though I never had the chance to meet her, she obviously was special. Her parents have given their all to get this bill passed. Please help spread the word.


ccain69 said...

http://youtu.be/k0IcpWP9lNA Please check out this video on youtube. It speaks for itself. May God bless everyone of you!

Tony said...

How did the hearing go? Hopefully they honored Erin's memory by moving forward with this bill! We should not have to hear how these drunks take someones child or loved one because they had a few too many drinks. Check out the most dangerous driving days of the year which graphically has some statistics on the number of traffic fatalities in a year.