April 27, 2011

April 21st or any 21st!

We had a great kick off to our first annual PowerTalk 21 day last Thursday! But if you missed that day, I want you to know that any day--the 21st of May for instance--is a great day to start the conversation with your teen.

Research shows that the earlier one starts drinking alcohol, the more likely they are to become alcohol dependent and drive drunk. That alone should be reason enough to make sure we do our best to keep our teens alcohol free.

So, if you missed PowerTalk 21 don't worry. Go to www.madd.org/powerofparents and request your free Parent Handbook or better yet, find a FREE 30 minute workshop in your area and check it out in person. You'll get a great overview of the research that went into this program as well as a walk through of the Parent Handbook.

A big shout out to Nationwide Insurance, our Presenting Sponsor, who really is "on our side"! We couldn't do these free programs without their support.

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