May 11, 2009

7 Year Old Boy Victim of Ticket-Fixing Fiasco

Last month, we talked about the current investigation going on in Johnston County, North Carolina where six officers of the court have been accused of tampering with court documents to secure illegal dismissals for drunken drivers.

The real consequences of those actions are coming to light this week as the trial begins for a 31- year old man who killed 7-year old Marcus Lassiter in an apparent drunk driving crash. The man had charged with DUI four times prior to the crash.

Two of the charges were dismissed, one was reduced, and the fourth was pending. The defense attorney in both dismissed DWI cases was Lee Hatch, and the prosecutor in one was Cyndi Jaeger. They are among six people who have been charged in the Johnston County ticket-fixing case.

And now, they have poor Marcus Lassiter's blood on their hands.

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