May 14, 2009

Despite Myths Sobriety Checkpoints Still Officers Best Tool to Catch Drunks

All but 10 states currently allow sobriety checkpoints. Two of those states--Wisconsin and Texas--have considered legislation that would enable law enforcement officers to use this proven DUI tactic.

According to local newspapers, Legislation allowing checkpoints has passed the Texas Senate but does not appear likely to reach a vote in the House. Similarly, despite a call to action by Wisconsin Governor Joe Doyle, lawmakers there see no chance of a sobriety checkpoint bill gaining traction this session.

Sobriety checkpoints are a key part of MADD's Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving. Studies have shown that when properly used, they reduce fatalities by 20%.

Sobriety checkpoint facts:
  • If the checkpoints are conducted properly, cars are pulled over at random according to their order in the sequence.
  • Law-abiding people are sent on their way within minutes. The average stop time is about the length of a cycle at a stop light.
  • Police must have a reason to believe the driver stopped at a checkpoint has been drinking before a breath test can be conducted.
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