January 13, 2009

Tracy Morgan's Humor is in the Toilet

When TMZ asked former SNL cast member and current 30 Rock regular Tracy Morgan what he thought about Charles Barkley being arrested for DUI earlier this month, he responded by making light of the situation, stating that "everybody in America has a DUI." He went on to suggest that the cop that gave Mr. Barkley a DUI probably had a DUI.

Maybe Mr. Morgan should clean up his life along with his humor. Morgan was arrested and later convicted of a DUI in LA in 2006. Just 11 months later, he was arrested again for DUI in Manhattan.

According to the National Traffic Safety Administration, 12,998 people were killed in 2007 by drunk driving. The family members of those individuals and the millions of others injured in drunk driving crashes don't find the crime or Mr. Morgan's comments the least bit funny.

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