November 12, 2008

Three Young Lives Cut Abruptly Short in Illinois, in a Crash Caused by an Accused Repeat Drunk Driver

Amanda Jahn, 27, and her children Ryan, 3, and Kaitlyn, 11 months were laid to rest Tuesday, following a crash caused by a suspected repeat drunk driver. The accused offender was charged with four counts of aggravated driving under the influence and ordered held in lieu of $1 million bail. Read the complete story from the Chicago Tribune.

Beginning in January 2009, alcohol ignition interlocks will be mandatory for all convicted drunk drivers in the state of Illinois, one of only eight states that require or highly incentivize interlocks for all convicted DUI offenders.

Help us reduce the number of drunk driving fatalities where you live – and nationwide. Contact your lawmakers and urge them to support ignition interlocks for all convicted drunk drivers.

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Lydz said...

I was friends with Mandy for years. I've been so angry and wondering why this woman was allowed to drive. The fact that IL was starting the breathalyzer key thing in a few months really upsets me. If they had done that sooner she would still be alive. If one person who saw Anne Marie Getz drunk with keys had said something, Mandy, Ryan and Kaitlyn would be alive. If ANYTHING had been done they would be alive.

Mandy and her family were incredible people, faithful, smiling, loving, active in the community. It is not right that this happened. Something needs to be done. Laws needs to change, people need to be willing to speak up... something, anything, so this stops happening. There are too many stories likes this!!