October 28, 2008

After His Son Danny’s Death, Caused by an Underage Drunk Driver, Former New Jersey Mayor Bob Nulman Dedicated His Time to Eliminating Drunk Driving

When Bob Nulman was mayor of Clinton, New Jersey, he figured the police chief and police commissioner knocking on his door were there on city business. Instead, he was devastated to learn that his 22 year-old son, Danny, and four fraternity brothers from Trenton State College had been killed by an underage drunk driver in an I-95 head-on collision.

Read Danny Nulman's story.

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ICSMOMMA said...

Danny was a close friend of mine who remains in my daily thoughts and prayers. I am so glad to see that Mr. Nulman has not let Danny's death be in vain and has focused his efforts on preventive measures that others not suffer the same awful loss. I remember that tragic time and would do anything to erase Danny's death. The world was truly robbed of a tremendous soul. Heaven's lights shine brighter just by his presence. I have found small consolation in knowing that God needed him more. Danny was a great friend--more like a brother to me. We shared many laughs and even shed some tears together. My family adored him. The event of his death was horrific and nobody should ever have to bear such a senseless death. Through education and awareness I am sure lives are saved. God's peace to the entire family--those here and those up in Massachusetts. You all are in my prayers. Thank you for posting Danny's picture it brought a smile to my face and fills a void in my heart. Even if it is just for a few moments. I vowed years ago that for every tear I shed over Danny's death, I would find a memory to replace that tear with a smile. It has been so therapeutic and has helped to heal his loss.

Laura F.