September 2, 2008

A Daughter Never Forgotten; A Family Forever Changed – Drunk Driving Victim Ginger Walker

Ginger Walker's parents care for her son Shaye after Ginger's death in a drunk driving crash

“It’s tough being responsible for someone else’s child, guessing if you’re doing the right thing,” says Nina Walker, new member of MADD’s National Board of Directors. “We wonder, ‘What would Ginger do?’”

Ginger, 22, was killed in a three-car crash caused by a drunk driver on February 11, 2001. Nina and her husband Gary have been raising their grandson Shaye ever since their daughter’s death. The offender was speeding, chasing and bumping another car carrying his fiancée. He is still serving a 14-year sentence for his conviction of gross vehicular manslaughter with gross bodily injury or death.

“It really blew apart our family for a time. We were each retreating into our own issues of grief,” says Nina. “We had to make sense out of something so nonsensical. We were a fractured family unit – we have moved forward – not to what it was, but mended as a family.” Read the Walker family's story.

As Grandparents Day approaches, consider making a donation to MADD in honor of your grandparents or other special people whose presence in your life has made a difference.

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