September 9, 2011

Remembering 9/11 (Becoming "the Someone Else")

I always thought it would happen to someone else. But on April 16, 1992, I became that someone else.

It started with my husband Joe telling me that our daughter, Alisa, had been in an accident—that’s what he called it at that time. Of course, as it turns out, it wasn’t an accident at all. The truth is, someone made a choice—a tragic choice—to drive drunk.

Nearly 10 years after Alisa died, I received another shock to my system. On September 11, 2001, my husband Joe was supposed to be at the Pentagon. When I heard about the tragedies that were occurring that day, I just knew that he had died. After all, I had already been “the someone else” once before. Luckily, Joe didn’t die that day. However, our collective sense of security did.

Ten years ago this Sunday, thousands of people became “the someone else.” Losing a loved one in a tragedy caused by another person’s decision is something too many of us can relate to. Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the September 11th attacks.

It can happen to anyone at any time. Don’t become the someone who loses a loved one to a drunk driver. Become the somebody who does the something to make sure these tragedies no longer occur.


Diane said...

I lost my 4 year old daughter because someone chose to use drugs and drive. a piece of my heart gone forever.I miss her so much:(
Tammy Denise
Born 9/29/70 Went to heaven 5/12/75

1cent23 said...

Let's start a campaign or make a MADD challenge to anyone who can manufacture the "car that won't run" while the driver has a blood alcohol level above the legal limit. It's been tinkered with, but now it needs to be part of ALL vehicles like seatbelts or GPS or cupholders!!!!! I don't see it happening without MADD becoming the energy behind this. People only seem to care after they have been slammed with the reality of drunk driving. I want to live to see the day when there are NO more drunk drivers anywhere, EVER AGAIN!!! Now is the time!!! If not now, when?