September 23, 2010

What a great day on Capitol Hill!

Today over 350 MADD activists and supporters rallied on Capitol Hill to celebrate our 30th anniversary. It was awesome to have so many victim/survivors and concerned citizens gather on the lawn of the Capitol to let Congress know that we are sick and tired of drunk driving and we need them to pass the ROADS SAFE act and the ignition interlock bills NOW.

Joining us for the rally were US Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood as well as Senators Frank Lautenberg, Charles Schumer and Tom Udall. Also speaking to the crowd were Congressmen Jim Oberstar, John Sarbanes, and Pete DeFazio. All of these MADD supporters spoke of the wonderful work that MADD has done, as well as their personal commitments to help us eradicate this 100% preventable crime and turn cars into the cure.

Victim/survivors held up photos of their loved ones killed in drunk driving crashes or of themselves if they are injured victims.

Lenny Rosado of NY, Hollywood Ruch of Pennsylvania and Nina Walker of California shared their personal stories of loss and further showed why we must stop the epidemic of drunk driving.

We are looking forward to another great day tomorrow as we honor law enforcement and our wonderful volunteers at breakfast. We're off to a great start!

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Sarahs Life Coaching said...

MADD is a wonderful organization. I was the victim of a drunk driver. Thankfully, my entire family survived the accident. This accident has directed me towards a career in spiritual counseling to help others deal with the aftermath of a drunk driving accident.
Sarah Simpson