July 21, 2010

Don't Blow It!

Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking at a press conference hosted by Rockland County, NY District Attorney, Thomas Zugibe, to announce that on Aug. 15 the mandatory ignition interlock (in car breathalyzer) law for all DWI offenders takes effect. The "Don't Blow It" messaging shows a parent blowing into an interlock as a child looks on. Can you imagine having to do that and explain to your kid why you are going to continue occasionally blowing into this device as you take the trip to town or to your child's school?

New York has made it clear--it won't tolerate drunk driving. Leandra's Law is named for Leandra Rosado who was killed in a drunk driving crash last October in NYC. Her dad, Lenny, joined in the press conference and explained that anyone who drives drunk with a child under 16 years old, will face a felony. Rockland County Sheriff James Kralik gave credit to our founder, Candace Lightner, who singlehandedly took on drunk driving after the death of her daughter, Cari. The Sheriff talked about how early on in his career, police officers would take the keys away from a drunk driver, let them sleep it off for a couple of hours and then go back and give them the keys. He stressed that ever since MADD was founded, officers don't do that. Deputy Secretary for Public Safety, Mary Kavaney, stressed that every child deserves a designated driver--and she is so right!

MADD has made a difference in the lives of so many. We've gotten laws like this passed all over the country and we'll keep on working in those states that don't take drunk driving seriously in order to save lives and prevent injuries. We'd love to have your help!

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Mershon's said...

I can't support the interlock law more. Watching my soon to be ex-husband drive away with our two small children every other weekend kills me, but knowing, until at least January, he has the interlock in his car to prevent another stupid, life threatening mistake eases my mind a bit. BUT...what happens when these "killers" serve their short time and their interlock is removed. Do we sit back and wait for them to do it again and just hope they don't kill anyone THIS TIME? HONESTLY, I believe it should be a lifetime sentence..just as death is forever!