April 14, 2010

Things Kids Shouldn't Do

We know interlocks work but when offenders somehow slip under the radar of monitoring and have their kids blow into the device, there is a problem. It seems a New Hampshire teacher had her daughter blow into the interlock device. There are things like this kids should not be exposed to. Lets get offenders alcohol assessment, treatment, interlocks for some time and make sure there are no more victims of drunk driving.


AIM said...

This woman has proven she is unwilling to separate alcohol and driving. she should loose her right to drink alcohol. SCRAM (secure continious alcohol monitoring) is the next level of intervention--when she gets out of jail.

c0rr said...

DUI suspect who Killed DECORATED VETERAN Paul Maidman was rearrested yesterday for going to bars and tampering with her alcohol monitoring device merely 2 weeks after she was arrested in the DUI death. She was partying in a DISGUISE and is the most blatant showing of zero remorse for taking a life drunk. Should be national news please, trying to get the story around the country and would greatly appreciate if YOU would look into it at least.

She has SCRAM. She tampered with it and defeated it by putting a bandaid between the device and her skin. They found out she had tampered with the device when photos were revealed she was out partying at bars.