March 15, 2010

Spring Break

So, I went online to see what was being said about spring break and drinking and ran across this blog post that I could relate to, except the age of the writer.

With three little ones myself, the messages in the media including TV and film tread lightly usually on underage drinking. If we all grow up with TV and movies how much of our subconscious takes in the messages? It seems drinking underage is part of college, part of high school parties, part of media and unless teens have strong, positive self esteem and role models, they may be persuaded to "fit in."

Now, down the road, after the teen enjoys spring break too much, and somehow consistently drinks and graduates high school or college and the real world settles in, what happens? Many are then addicted to alcohol in some degree and may have additional troubles including drunk driving, holding down a job or staying healthy.

A little underage drinking is too much. Once our society and all adults in it believe this too, spring break might just go back to beach blanket bingo and Frankie and Annette days--Not!

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