January 26, 2010

Drunk Driving Laws Only Good if Enforced

If you have ever caught The Lawman on cable television, it is pretty interesting. The real life war that cops face every day and night on the road. MADD works with enforcement across the country and praises them most of the time.

We were alarmed to see a couple of episodes show drunk drivers being let go. While we get it is meant to entertain and watching a drunk guy talk about how Steven Seagal couldn't beat Jackie "Shan" in funny, it is not funny that the enforcement team never tested the driver or used police training for establishing cause to test. There were all kinds of signs that should have warranted a breath or blood test and none were given.

This is the wrong message to be sent 30 years after our country declared a war on drunk driving. The aim should be: find, arrest and convict drunk drivers or they will find and possibly kill or injure you. MADD is disappointed because real lawmen don't tell drunk drivers to walk it off or get a ride home. We've been in touch with their team and have shared our concerns as well as those of others that have called us about our POV.

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