May 18, 2009

Bruce Smith DUI

According to AP reports, Bruce Smith, was charged with his third DUI on Friday. MADD calls on the judges reviewing the cases to uphold the ignition interlock laws and require them for Bruce's vehicle. Virginia requires interlocks for those offenders with a BAC of at least .15. Some segments of the alcohol industry would like all states focus on the .15+ offender versus requiring for all drunk driving convictions starting at .08. This is absurd given the illegal BAC level in all 50 states is .08. This is a level everyone has been found to be impaired behind the wheel of a vehicle. The Smith case is just another example of why it is so important to have interlocks installed the first go round in order to prevent subsequent offenses. Smith is a hall of famer defensive end now if he can employ to the best defense to end his drunk driving.

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