April 29, 2009

Politicians Breaking Laws Instead of Making Them

As of late, it seems like there has been an inordinate amount of news stories about politicians driving drunk. There was a former Congressman in New York, a state senator in Alabama, and a and an Oklahoma City council member. A state representative in Wisconsin was busted with his 3rd DUI in December of last year.

The Austin American Statesman published a story in March of this year regarding Texas politicians refusing breathalyzer tests. The story reported that while among the general public the refusal rate is about 50 percent, among politicians the refusal rate is about 100 percent.

It's always disappointing to see those who help craft our laws act in careless disregard for them. It's even worse when they try to use their own knowledge of the legal system to exploit loopholes and avoid punishment.

Wouldn't it be nice to see our politicians act nobly and take responsibility for their actions? If Charles Barkley can do it, so can they.

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