November 10, 2008

Illinois Man Faces 11th DUI Charge

According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, a southern Illinois man faces his 11th DUI charge after police say he was drunk when he caused a crash.

Today on our roads, there are 2 million drivers with 3 or more drunk driving convictions and 400,000 with 5 or more convictions.

MADD is dedicated to supporting state legislation that expands the use of current alcohol ignition interlock technology so that interlocks are mandatory for all convicted drunk drivers in all 50 states.

Currently eight states mandate or provide strong incentives for ignition interlocks for all persons convicted of DUI -- Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Louisiana, Nebraska, New Mexico and Washington. If you are a resident of one of the other 42 states, contact your legislators and tell them you support saving lives and eliminating repeat drunk driving offenses by mandating ignition interlocks for all convicted DUI offenders.

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