September 17, 2008

Colleges and Binge Drinking

An editorial in The New York Times dismisses the call by some college professors to lower the drinking age as “on the wrong track with its suggestion that the nation reconsider the legal drinking age of 21.”

MADD, along with leading health and safety experts, agree that the 21 minimum legal drinking age save lives – nearly 25,000 since the law went into effect in 1984.

MADD acknowledges that underage drinking and binge drinking on college campuses is a serious problem, but lowering the drinking age is not the answer. Solutions to the problem can include:

  • Changing the drinking culture on college campuses and within communities
  • Enforcement of the 21 drinking age law-Upholding responsible alcohol policies
  • Holding those over 21 accountable for providing alcohol to minors
  • Working with high school and middle school parents and leaders to reach their youth well before college on the drinking age so this problem is corrected early versus once students are in college

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