July 29, 2008

She's Come a Long, Long Way: Drunk Driving Crash Survivor Mary Ann McCunn's Story

With the Olympics just around the corner, consider how a 17-year-old drunk driver changed the entire life of one active, 21-year-old gymnast, springboard diver and former cheerleader when he hit her and her fiancé on August 16, 1980.

Orlando resident Mary Ann McCunn is permanently disabled, despite 34 surgeries and endless failed bone grafts. Paralyzed from her left knee down, she must wear a leg brace or use a cane to support her left leg. She even had to endure antibiotic nails inserted into her bone for months at a time. A chronic bone infection, osteomyelitis, has killed her bone, tissue and everything in its path. She says the worst injury was being unable to bear children. “It really is a life sentence,” Mary Ann says.

Read Mary Ann's story.

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